Acapulco Magic - Acapulco, Mexico

Jan 15, 2014  |  Acapulco, Mexico

I visited this favorite spot of mine at the top of an old hotel often when the weather conditions were ideal. I knew the guards there already and they greeted me by my name.

The biggest and Mexico’s best known beach resort city always has something to give for everyone. While most people are attracted to the well known party places, luxury hotels and the beach, I wanted a new challenge about this city of contrasts. For me Acapulco meant adventure.

I wanted to capture the whole bay from a unique perspective under the best possible light conditions. Needless to say it took me many months and many hours of wondering around, riding my bike around the hilltops and talking to locals. Finally I found this spot.

From there on I always brought my good friends here and spent some relaxing and exciting evenings waiting for the best light atop one of the best hilltop views. One day the sky was turning into a scale of orange, pink and purple colors. I was prepared and I had to capture it. It was unforgettable, it was unreal !

I was standing with my camera facing the South end of the bay, keeping my breath as the view took it away ! There was just a short twilight window to create this art piece!

Mission accomplished. It was time for a party and some coronas in Acapulco !

This 3:1 image is available in the LIMITED edition Series here.

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