Photo Journal (Beach)

Summer in the Big Sur
July, 2016  |  Big Sur, CA

To visit the breathtaking coastline of California for the first time was a treat.

For centuries Big Sur provided stunning vistas for the visitor. Earlier only a few sailors had the chance to see the combination of this beauty and wilderness...

Wave Blanket - San Francisco, CA
Nov 22, 2011  |  San Francisco, CA

Another piece of the popular Golden Gate Bridge 6×17 panoramas in your collection.

After a long day I often visit the beaches that overlook the Golden Gate Bridge, as a form of meditation...

Acapulco Magic - Acapulco, Mexico
Jan 15, 2014  |  Acapulco, Mexico

I visited this favorite spot of mine at the top of an old hotel often when the weather conditions were ideal. I knew the guards there already and they greeted me by my name.

The biggest and Mexico’s best known beach resort city always has something to give for everyone...

Fire Sky - Half Moon Bay, CA
Nov 7, 2011  |  Half Moon Bay, CA

I dont measure the good days in life by good sunsets and sunrises, but some of them burn into my memory forever. Our trip with family to Half Moon Bay was great on its own. However on the way back to San Francisco the cloud formations suggested that the weather conditions were ideal for the rare sunset when the layered clouds would reflect back the last rays of the sun...