Photo Journal (Travel)

Snake River Moonrise - Grand Teton NP
November, 2017  |  Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Early morning, fall colors, beautiful weather and full Moon. A good combination for a great image. Happens only once a year. And all this from the Snake River Lookout in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons National Park...

Fall Colors of Grand Teton
September, 2014  |  Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Magnificent scenery at the end of September in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming. The visit was planned just for the right time to catch the peak color change of the aspen and cottonwood trees in this amazing national park...

Summer in the Big Sur
July, 2016  |  Big Sur, CA

To visit the breathtaking coastline of California for the first time was a treat.

For centuries Big Sur provided stunning vistas for the visitor. Earlier only a few sailors had the chance to see the combination of this beauty and wilderness...

Model on the Rock - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Dec 15, 2018  |  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Some places in this world have very unique and well recognizable rock formations. Cabo San Lucas is one of them.

Just like San Francisco, Cabo has its own Land`s End. Just a 15 minutes walk from the heart of the marina and we are at the famous stone formation that ends in a stone arch called El Arco, a name the nearby town is also known for...

Acapulco Magic - Acapulco, Mexico
Jan 15, 2014  |  Acapulco, Mexico

I visited this favorite spot of mine at the top of an old hotel often when the weather conditions were ideal. I knew the guards there already and they greeted me by my name.

The biggest and Mexico’s best known beach resort city always has something to give for everyone...

Best Kept Secrets of Aurora Photography near Fairbanks, Alaska
April, 2013  |  Fairbanks, Alaska

Northern Lights in Alaska from Twelvemile Summit

I still cant get over the majesty of the aurora. The green, the cold, the snow, the sky, the stars and all the excitement coming with it. It was an adventure and a dream-like phenomenon, which we’ll always remember with great excitement...