Oxbow Bend Sunrise - Grand Teton NP, Wyoming

October, 2012  |  Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

I arrived at this fantastic spot at Oxbow Bend well before sunrise
around 5.50am. Judging by the clouds a decent sunrise was expected. The
beautiful fall colors already set the scene in the surrounding
environment, but this time my goal was to capture something else: a
beautiful reflection. The wind was not blowing at all, so the usually
disturbed water had a mirror smooth surface, creating a perfect
reflection for the scene. When the sun first rays painted the sky in
these magnificent colors, I took my one and only exposure of the moment.
The result was magical, reflecting the serenity of this western sight.

This 3:1 artwork is available in the LIMITED edition Series here.

Oxbow Bend Sunrise
Oxbow Bend Sunrise

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