Artwork Information

About the Prints & Framing

The Marcell Puzsar Fine Art Images are collectible Fine Art Prints, which are either available in the Limited or in the Open Editions. For all the images our mission is to deliver the highest possible quality artwork with the greatest available longevity on all . We offer  Acrylic Face Mounting and Custom Framing  in the Limited editions prints and also the Canvas Stretching and Basic Framing options in the Open edition series.

Throughout the workflow we use the best and finest material and equipment. First the beautiful 6×17 transparencies are scanned at the highest quality on state of the art scanners to produce a drum scan. Then the files from film and also digital are carefully adjusted to both represent reality and the artist’s vision. Finally the fine art prints are produced at a local San Francisco studio according to your needs and after a careful inspection hand signed by Marcell.


Fuji and Epson Prints

Each artwork is individually produced on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Type-C (some selected prints on Fujiflex) or Epson inkjet fine art material depending on the Individual Print, Size, and Edition.

Both the Fuji and Epson prints produce bright and crisp reproduction, rich tonal gradation, exceptional sharpness and world-class color image stability. The archival properties are great with a strong resistance to light exposure. When mounted and framed properly, Marcell’s prints will last for many years without any signs of fading.



Fine Art Acrylic Face Mounting
Available for both open and limited edition prints.

For this option the face of the fine art print is carefully mounted to a 1/4″ high-quality acrylic (Plex). This is totally colorless and has 95% visibility while offers one of the best possible presentations of the print. The main features of this option are weather and temperature resistance and best possible archival life among others. The back of the print is mounted on an archival 1/2″ Sintra recessed backing. Drilled keyholes support hanging up to 30″x 90″ in size.


Canvas Stretching
Available for open edition prints only.

The artwork is printed onto a durable polyester and cotton blend as a canvas print. It is water resistant and it offers a high resolution coating that can withstand stretching without sagging. Then it is stretched across a hard wood frame. The stretched canvas combines a warm dramatic glow on a canvas surface texture with a true artistic look and feel, making this display option a great addition to any art collection. Canvases are shipped stretched only.


Custom Framing
Available for both open and limited edition prints.

A careful selection of museum grades, high-quality frames are available with a variety of finishes for this option. An acid and lignin-free matboard is placed over the fine art print. This has the highest level of color consistency for the life of your print. Further a 1/8″ high-quality acrylic (Plex) is used to cover the matboard which offers 95% visibility and the best archival presentation. The back of the print is supported by a 1/4″ archival backboard.


Basic Framing
Available for open edition prints only up to 30″ in size.

A limited selection of more affordable frames are available to support prints up to 30″ in size for this option. An acid-free black or white matboard is placed over the fine art print. Further a 1/8″ acrylic is used to cover the matboard. The back of the print is supported by an archival pasteboard and filler board.


Substrates used

Sintra: a lightweight and rigid PVC foam board with a high resistance to moisture and many chemicals as well as a smooth solid face.

Gatorfoam: Similar to fome-cor, it is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer.

Dibond: the industry’s leading aluminum composite material for more than 15 years. It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of .012″ aluminum with a solid polyethylene core

Alumimum: thin and sturdy, mounting on aluminum provides far more reliable results than printing on it

Please keep in mind that while every effort has been made to ensure that Marcell’s images accurately match the appearance of the printed artwork, due to inherent limitations (individual monitor’s calibrations) prints can slightly vary from the photographs displayed on the website.  Please use your computer screen as a guide only. All of Marcell Puzsar’s Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs are printed in the highest quality as the artist intended, with the finest finish.

For more information and for phone orders please contact: (415)-489-8107 or e-mail