Marcell Puzsar is a Hungarian born, international award-winning fine art photographer, who is constantly creating breathtaking images in his favorite 1:3 panorama format. Having spear-headed countless photography tours and several photo exhibitions globally, Marcell is currently being recognized as one of the emerging talents in panoramic photography.

After traveling the world on different photographic assignments for nearly 10 years he now calls San Francisco and the magnificent Bay Area his home. His work is diverse and captures both the magnificence of natural landscapes and the man-made augustness of our cityscapes, all the while focusing on the environment as a whole.

Marcell’s inspiration comes from the grandeur of our living world and thought of being able to instantly capture those great moments, a talent that he discovered at an early age. Marcell is a free spirit and has happy, contented soul, especially when he is living out his passion. He thrives on adventure and the beauty of other countries and prides himself in being a dreamer and a believer, a loyal friend and partner, and a charismatic individual that surrounds himself with a remarkable group of family and friends.

Marcell currently shoots with a medium-format panoramic film camera, the Fotoman 617 MKII-L complete with 90mm Fuji & 210mm Schneider Super Angulon XL lenses.

His main film choice is Velvia Fujichrome – Velvia 50 and Velvia 100 mainly – with its fine grain, extreme sharpness and fantastic color saturation. Although shooting on medium format film is more time consuming and costly than digital – with only 4 photos per roll of film, it allows the capture of very well detailed 6x17cm transparencies. This results in outstanding quality photographs that can be enlarged greatly.

Marcell also shoots some of his work with a Canon 5D Mark III  with 35mm and 50mm Canon prime lenses.

He uses Gitzo tripods and cable release for long exposures and his kit includes a large filter system with different strength of graduated neutral density filters (2 and 3 stops Singh-Ray and 5 stops B&W ND) and a polariser.

Marcell’s mission is to feed the soul through the visual exuberance or his artistic creativity by capturing scenes and visions in natural light that evoke an indescribable euphoria.